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Accident And Emergency Care

Accident And Emergency Care

Dhaya Clinic is unrivaled. Accident Care service in Karaikudi is a fully equipped trauma resuscitation clinic with ventilators, monitors, oxygen, suction, and emergency medicines to perform emergency lifesaving procedures.

Some examples of incidents that could lead to major trauma include: serious road traffic accidents, stab or gunshot wounds, falls from heights, and serious head injuries. Trauma-trained paramedics, nurses, helpers, and ambulance personnel provide round-the-clock service.

Our emergency room doctors are trained to deal with unplanned situations, and patients are not separated according to their age or gender. Emergency doctors are responsible for initiating stage I initial treatment, performing medical interventions, and successfully treating patients with abnormalities and injuries until the patient is stable enough to be shifted to an organ-specific department or is ready to be discharged. The best clinic in Karaikudi for emergency treatment.